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Solowheel when on is always reducing your range

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Did you do any spectacular tricks? Special remarks by people who saw you riding an electric unicyle?


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Model: Solowheel
Manufacturer: Inventist
User Location: Rotterdam
Last weekend, I discovered something about my Solowheel.

A big shopping mall (MediaMarkt) in the Netherlands had a carzy stunt, selling the entry level model of Airwheel for just 555 Euro.
Of course, I went there to see the model. There was just a small stand with a trial model and a video running, showing the guys doing the Airwheel stunts you can also find on YouTube.
Of course, I was approached but lots of customers and I showed them the Solowheel, riding the shopping lanes in the mall and in general, I had a good time talking about the electric unicyle.
Lot's of people wanted to try the Airwheel or my Solowheel and I ended up being there for a least two hours.
All that time, the Solowheel was switched on, with me, most of the time, stand on it with on foot and driving short distances to show what a Solowheel can do and how easy it can be.

After than, I went into town and discovered, after just a single km, that my battery was almost empty. Actually had to walk the last few hunderd meters to home.

So, if your Solowheel is on and you're just standing on it, it still uses a considerable amount of juice.
Something to keep in mind if you're in the street talking to people for extended periods of time ;) :)

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