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Did you do any spectacular tricks? Special remarks by people who saw you riding an electric unicyle?

Post Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:11 pm

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Model: Q5
Manufacturer: Airwheel
I am expecting my Airwheel Q5 to be delivered later this week. Once I get used to riding it, I plan to use it as a shuttle to get me to 2 car dealerships that I do paint/body work for. Just drop the Q5 in the floorboard and drive to deliver, then ride the Q5 back {or visa versa}.

I am thinking my first mod will be to attach an extended handle to the units top, like a one wheeled Segway. This should help me get onto the unit, and help with riding it by tilting the unit with the handle rather than my foot. I have a nice aluminum cand with adjustable length that may be just perfect for the duty, but I do have to figure out the attachment. That may be a pipe hanger from the hardware store, some form of strap to hold it to the unit, and an expansion bolt to connect the cane to the pipe hanger. But, I will wait until I have the Q5 in my hands and have a good look at it!

The 2 dealers are about 3/4 and 1.5 miles away. I often walk back to my shop from the closest one, and take the customer shuttle from the farther one {sometimes waiting quite a while}, so I figure the Q5 will sa.e me some time, and wear/etar on a foot and knee I'm having problems with!

Post Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:19 pm

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Model: Solowheel
Manufacturer: Inventist
User Location: Rotterdam
I would FIRST get the unicycle you want and learn how to ride it.

I think there will be a good chance that once you have done that, you will find that attaching a handle to it will actually make riding it MUCH MORE difficult than without it.
Trust me, the way the electric unicycle works makes a long handle totally unnecessary and will make riding it more dangerous.

Also, the Airwheels I rode were very 'stiff', meaning that the wheel will respond to very slight movements. Attaching a long pole to initiate riding it would probably result in overreaction because your movements will be way too big for the Airwheel to handle.

Post Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:40 am

Posts: 7
Model: Q5
Manufacturer: Airwheel
Definitely learn to ride first!

Post Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:21 am

Posts: 7
Model: Q5
Manufacturer: Airwheel
After three wobbly start get-offs, I gave it a quick exam and found the culprit; low tire pressure, 20psi.
Tire is marked at 35psi with a 45psi max. I brought the tire pressures up to 40 and tried again...

Instant success! I think I will take them up to 45 for more test rides tomorrow.

I like the dual wheel for overall stability, but acknowledge there must be a cost in turning. Fine by me, I like the stability and know that there is no way I could have take off so quickly on a single wheel.

I am having difficulty getting on board, having to use a mailbox or whatever to help get on. I am also going to add skateboard grip tape to the floorboards to increase traction. Still thinking a handle of some sort will be added to help get on board and going.

I can go forward, make turns comfortably on a 2 lane road, and can slow down to a halt and a quick jump/split dismount.

Lots of stares from the neighborhood!

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