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Why I choose two wheel electric scooter

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Post Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:02 am

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Maybe you are hesitating that should I buy a two wheel electric scooter or a one wheel? I want to tell you something about what my feeling about 2 wheel self balancing scooter,and I hope that can help you to choose a vehicle you really like.

Electric two wheel scooter and one wheel become more and more popular nowadays. When we are in a self balancing vehicle store, should we buy a two wheel scooter or the electric one wheel? Here comes the question.

Electric Two wheel drift scooter is more flexible and makes a turn easier than the one wheel. What's more, it allows you to dance with it.
The price of two wheel is lower than the one wheel. Because the one wheel contains more advanced technology, it costs more than two wheel.
Two wheel scooter learns easier than the one wheel. Usually it takes half an hour to handle the two wheel proficiently while about three to four hours to ride the one wheel skilled.

That's all my suggestions abouttwo wheel electric scooter !


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