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Some experiences about IO HAWK!!!

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Did you do any spectacular tricks? Special remarks by people who saw you riding an electric unicyle?

Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:59 am

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Manufacturer: windsailbike
Have you heard IO HAWK??It's a great self balancing board for two wheel electric scooterriders.
Got a few thousand bucks lying around?
If you're physically spent and want to give your muscles a break after an arduous run, this two-wheel personal motorized transporter only requires a rider to bend his knees, and off you go! There's plenty of power in the Hawk's battery: Travel up to 19.3 kilometres without expending a single calorie or running out of a charge. Owners can weigh up to 127 kilograms, so don't let weight keep you from putting one on your wish list. The Hawk re-charges in three hours and enjoys a compact footprint equal to a person's shoulder span, but if it pours rain in your neighbourhood, those puddles could make short work of your expensive new gadget, so err on the side of caution before you buy one of these trendy transporters.
AnIO Hawk may have your name written all over it. The Hawk transporter is so new that the first models just shipped on 6 February 2015.

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