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What to do when encountering the police

Post your adventures here.

Did you do any spectacular tricks? Special remarks by people who saw you riding an electric unicyle?

Post Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:47 pm

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At least in Germany (and possibly also in other european countries), when interpreting the laws in the most pessimistic way, it's not legal to use the Solowheel on public ways. Not even foot-walks/sidewalks. But I hear from several Solowheel dealers that it's effectively no problem and they use it every day in the city. So what do you do when you encounter the police on the other side of the street, waiting at red traffic lights, or in another situation where they could stop you and ask you what you're doing? Do they care at all? Or even notice you? Would it be a good idea to offer them having a try? ;-)


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Well, I am from the Netherlands and so far, after a full month of pretty intensive use, I have not had any remarks from police officers.

I ride my Solowheel on the sidewalk, on bike lanes and sometimes on the street as well, through the train station, all depending on circumstances. I have even used it in shops and office when it is quiet and where is enough space.

I have been stopped by bike police on once occassion, but they just wanted to know what it was, which I am always eager to explain.
Only on two occassions I was stopped by security people in short, sunken shopping lane in Rotterdam which happens to be private property (which was new to me). There is a very steep ramp going down there which I like to ride, but in the daytime, when the shops are open, no 'wheeled transports' are allowed there with baby carriages as the sole exception.

So far, it looks like that as long as I make sure nobody might possibly get hurt and I adjust my speed and ways according to circumstances, I will get no remarks.

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The only interaction I've had with SFPD is one of them giving me an enthusiastic thumbs up from his cruiser. So far so good.

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A few days ago, I've passed by several police cars, or they passed by me. No emergency lights or anything. I rode my wheel across the street right in front of a police car that was waiting at the red traffic lights. So far I can only say that the police here in Germany shows no different behaviour than any other passerby. Some look at the wheel, many don't even notice. Very few stop and ask me a question or two. I've yet to encounter a policeman who asks me anything... So it looks good for now. :-)

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I don't have any problem in Scandinavia...Denmark, Sweden or Norwey...only 2 times security guards told me that is not allowed in comercial shop centre.

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In Singapore, I ride passed the police car right in front of them on the zebra crossing. No problem.

I think the law is against Electric Personal vehicle on pavements here but it's just to prevent reckless driving, if you get into accident...the law will be always against you.

That means, if you cause problem to will always be at the wrong end of the law. If you cause zero problems for example ride safely and slowly when there are people around...should be no problem.

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Electric unicycles should be legalized in Finland next year.
Before that, I try to keep low profile :) ... today.html

Well, what I mean with low profile I've contacted the lawmakers and discussed about future of these devices. Too bad it is still illegal this year because this summer could be electric unicycles summer in Finland.
I've driven mostly in "good areas" where people are generally more open to new ideas.

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