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How often do you get Questions from people

Post your adventures here.

Did you do any spectacular tricks? Special remarks by people who saw you riding an electric unicyle?

Post Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:17 pm

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I have had my Solowheel for just over two weeks now.
On average, I have used it for about 8.5 km per day for approx. 148 km so far.

Literally, EVERY SINGLE DAY I get stopped and asked by people what exactly it is, is it difficult to learn, how fast is it, how far can you go on a charge, how long does it take to charge and, of course, how much it costs :D
I even get asked if I have invented it myself (perhaps I should say yes...)

Sometimes I think I should be selling these things instead of just using it :mrgreen:

Also, many people want to try it for themselves.
Just today, I got stopped by a bunch of girl students who saw me drive by. So I stopped and turned around, then explained what it was, and one of them wanted to try it. And, to my surprise, she managed to travel, unsupported, for about 20 yards without a problem (she later told me she also has a unicycle bike). On her second try she fell down but luckily, was not hurt.

Nevertheless, it's funny how people react. If you want to wake up people in the office, just zoom bye and suddenly, everybody gets up and starts asking questions.
The Solowheel turns out to be a great conversation starter.
Some find it strange, bust by and large, most find it a very cool. Which, of course it is, especially with me on it, riding along with my hand nonchalantly tucked in my pockets 8-) 8-)

So, question is, how do people in your surroundings react to you zooming around on your Solowheel??


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Come on people, you are not gonna tell me you haven't had funny experiences while driving your Solowheel in public.

Tell us !! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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MvM wrote:
Come on people, you are not gonna tell me you haven't had funny experiences while driving your Solowheel in public.

Tell us !! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Yup, I get stopped on my way to work pretty much every day. First question is often "how much is that?" :( But also, "what is that?", and "did you invent that?" are common.

I often stop and let people try riding it (my preferred method for first ride is the hold the hips of the rider from behind which makes falling very unlikely).

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I get asked "What is that?!?" just about every day. After I gush for a bit, I always get asked, "Where did you get it?" and then, "How much did it cost?"

Based on hundreds of these conversations to date, I think at $1199, the new Spirit is going to do very, very well.

More fun than the basic conversation are the drive-by's. Every once in a while, a passing driver will honk his horn, holler his approval, and give me a big thumbs-up. Always good for a chuckle.

Another favorite is what young boys tend to say: "Mom! I want one of those!"

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Every day I get curious eyes at first, then comes the brave ones who comes to ask me when I sit down...some flag me down like I'm a taxi haha!

The common questions are the following

"What is this!!?"
"How much?"
"Where to buy?"
"Is it hard to learn?"
"How far can it go?"
"What's the max speed?"

There are car literary go and park at the side of the road, come out of the car...flag me down and ask all the above while scribbling down the details on his hands furiously.

When eating dinner at coffee shops, multiple people come and approached me and asked the above and even ask to take photo of it with me standing on it.

It's a good conversation starter! :3
Yes, ladies look at me and smile often from far far away. :mrgreen:

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Just as it is here in Finland. The same questions and ...
I put my friends business ad on my back.
It will be the same free publicity.
Rovaniemi is a tourist town, and I get to explain the same thing all over the world living in.

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I don't have one yet. Ordered TG-F3 yesterday from Banggood. But I have a Segway and I get stopped and all those questions you mentioned roll in... except that "Did you invent it..?". If a lowly Segway is such a show stopper on the streets, I can only imagine what an EU can do. Like a Segway, EUs can be a tremendous opportunity for free publicity. It can do wonders if you have a small business. A rolling bill board between your legs is something you don't see very often. I'm curious to see how people use it for guerrilla type advertising.

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There's also this "that is lazy" comment that sometimes comes from joggers.
Which is a little funny because I didn't buy Airheel for keeping myself fit. I do kitesurfing, jogging and rollerblading for that...

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